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Confident Dental Center

It has proven to be the highest value found in the assets of our organization.There are doctors who have  worked in our team for at least ten thousand hours on the field.Confident is an effective team with the experts who make up it.Our organization is run by a team of Professional dentists with a doctorate degree in all branches of dentistry.it makes it possible for us to serve these patients as we define it as a multidisciplinary dental approach.

In the area of oral and dental health, multiple branches or disciplines play a role in the diagnosis and treatment of patients.This is called multidisciplinary or multi-branch approach. in this multidisciplinary or multi-branch approach, oral and Maxillofacial surgery specialist, periodontology specialist, endodontics specialist ,prosthetic therapy specialist, orthodontic specialist, pediatric specialist.The application of multidisciplinary approach in oral and dental health is very important for accurate and successful treatment.


Our vision is to keep our reputation in our patients by constantly developing the qualified health service we have been providing with our medical team that accepts academic values as a priority and with our educated employees.


Our mission is to offer modern and up-to-date dentistry approaches in an ethical and trustworthy environment.


Patient’s rights are our priority. Efficient and qualified treatment is our aim. We obey ethical rules during our work. We question ourselves with a measurable and evaluable system. Being trustworthy and transparent in our work, keeping the continuity is our social responsibility.


In our company that adopts Plain Management philosophy since 2004, principles of constant improve and plain transformations in Health service are being applied.

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