Dentist phobia

Dentist phobia

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Dentist phobia

Diş Hekimi Fobisi

Fear is the reaction that people develop to unknown or known. These fears can be seen in many different areas in life and sometimes they can be hidden until the fears are experienced. Fear of a known event is due to conclusions drawn from experienced bad memories. Fear of an unknown event is a highly reinforced reactive behavior against surprise. Some people hesitate to go to the dentist and some of them are afraid. Dentist phobia is the fear of experienced bad moments and impressions. This phobia is illogical. Patients have fear of going to the dentist and they refuse to even think about it. If a parent has this phobia, his/her child will often reflect this fear. Therefore, parents should hide their own fears from children. Visual or written publications about dentist phobia affect children negatively. Regular dental checkup is required and it should be done in every six months from childhood. This checkups help to protect oral and dental health.

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