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Get to Know Your Teeth

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Get to Know Your Teeth

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Teeth is an organ that helps in cutting food in the beginning of the digestive system, its fragmentation and shredding, protection and development of the surrounding tissues. Teeth, which are important for function, sound and aesthetic, are settled in the lower and upper jaw bones and supported by gingival tissues. The visible part of the teeth is called “crown” while the invisible buried part is called “dental root”. Outer part of the crown is covered with a very hard substance, enamel. Just beneath the enamel, lies the dentine layer which is softer. The outer part of the dental root is called cementum. Internal part of the crown and root is a space called “pulp”. There is a nerve and vessel package in this space which feeds and senses the teeth.

The first “milk teeth” gets to be visible after 6 months and they are completed in approximately 3 years of age. There are a total of 20 milk teeth. Dentition does not change between the ages 3 and 6. First permanent teeth get to erupt in ages 6-7 the replacement of all milk teeth with permanent teeth completes around 12-13.

Our front teeth have one root, premolar teeth have 2 and the molar teeth have 3-5 roots.

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