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It has proven to be the highest value found in the assets of our organization.There are doctors who have worked in our team for at least ten thousand hours on the field.

Frequently Asked  Questions

The key to self-trust, beginning of positive energy, combination of words with emotion, reflection of ego, and perfect charm of gift of expression belonging to humans of happiness begins with smiling.

Lips bring red, teeth bring white into mind. What makes white is the absorption of certain amount of light and reflecting the rest as a result of different reflection of light on the substances, just as in other colors.

Artificial roots shaped like a screw are called DENTAL IMPLANTS which are inserted in the jaw bone with the purpose of reshaping the lost teeth. Almost all of dental implants of today are titanium based because titanium is the most tissue-friendly material which can be consistent with bone tissue.

Teeth which do not come out to their places with various reasons even when it is time erupt are called “impacted teeth”. Third molar teeth (wisdom teeth) are the most common impacted teeth. If there is no place in the mouth for them to erupt and it did not erupt even when person is 25, they are considered as “impacted”. Sometimes these teeth erupt partially, but they do not reach the full height.

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