Migraine and Dentistry

Migraine and Dentistry

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Migraine and Dentistry

Migren ve Dişhekimliği

Migraine affects life negatively and it gets head, neck, eyes and teeth under its influence during migraine with aura. During migraine attacks, pain in teeth exacerbates and it is felt more. Migraine patients should see a dentist twice in a year and teeth problems should be treated. World Health Organization takes migraine to the list of 20 diseases that most reduces life quality. Migraine will be eradicated in near future. A group of scientists have been working on migraine for a long time and they have found the gene that causes migraine. The study has shown that gene variation in 8. chromosome causes migraine. In terms of modern medicine, this discovery is a revolution and it is a glimmer of hope for millions of people who still have the headache of migraine.  Patients have so many complaints such as headache as burning with fire, impaired vision, nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to the light and sound. There is not a certain treatment of the migraine. Main features of the disease are: Every year 3 million dollars is spent for patients. However, there is still no definitive treatment. Scientists from Germany, Holland, Finland and England created a committee altogether, they have performed a very important study about migraine in the Sanger Institution. In this study, more than 50 thousands migraine patient was analyzed genetically. The data was collected. The evaluation was done. Results turned out that the gene variation of 8. chromosome was cause of the migraine. This variation causes changes in a chemical called ‘glutamate’. Glutamate transmits the messages from nerve cells to the brain. This change triggers the migraine. Existing treatment methods are effective on controlling the disease, but they are insufficient to treat it certainly and it is thought that these new findings will be very helpful. Dr. Aaron Palotie who works in Sanger Institution commented on the issue. ‘It is the first time that we analyze genetic structure of so many people. Data we obtained is very important’. He also mentioned that ‘Cause of the migraine was thought to be genetic, but we did not know which gene was it. Now, we found it’. In 2003, data of WHO had shown that there were 303 million patients suffering from migraine all around the world.

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