The role of the teeth in speech

The role of the teeth in speech

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The role of the teeth in speech

Speaking is the first and basic step of human communication. Some professions such as politics, acting, presenting and singing are based on proper speech. Teeth have an important role in proper speech. Some examples below highlight this role.

  1. TheTH’ sound is produced when the tongue brushes against the upper row of teeth
  2. In forming the ‘F’ and ‘V’ sounds, the lower lip is actually pressed to the upper teeth to shape them.
  3. Producing ‘S’ sound is more complicated; the teeth trap the air and work with the tongue to form it. ‘SCH’ and ‘J’ sounds come out in a similar way; but only tongue does not have a role.

Teeth, jaw bones, gums, tongue and root of the mouth work altogether to chew, taste, swallow and speak.

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