Underwater Dentistry

Underwater Dentistry

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Underwater Dentistry

Sualtı Diş Hekimliği

Professional divers go through periodic dentistry control due to a syndrome called “diver’s mouth syndrome”.  This syndrome is also named barodentalgia. As changes in pressure occur, dental pain may develop due to problems of gingiva and other dental discomforts. Another opinion is that divers bite the small regulators and this causes dental pain. Mouth apparatus is small for many people, which leads to this condition. Using plastic protecters on this apparatus will solve this problem. A dentist should be consulted as soon as pain is felt. Dental pain due to pressure is caused by caries, filling, broken canal treatment, tooth and abscess. This pain may cause very dangerous problems. Therefore, divers should be careful about this topics: * Pain and prolonged treatment may occur in newly extracted teeth and temporary fillings, tooth with incomplete canal treatment. * Compliance of prosthesis should be well and they should be reproduced if necessary. *Plastic pieces of mouth apparatus may increase the costs but it is very important for diving safety. Do not ignore periodic controls of your dentists.

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